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T-Birds of Distinction Recognition

Each grading period for Grades 6-8 or trimester for Grades k-5, a ceremony is held in honor of the recipients of the Soaring T-Birds of Distinction Award. Soaring T-birds of Distinction Award recipients are students selected by their teacher who have demonstrated the following T-bird qualities:

1. Benefits others and self through actions and words
2. Initiates hard work
3. Respects peers and adults
4. Demonstrates preparedness
5. Strives for success

Congratulations to the following students:

Atreyu Romero, Sophie Fan, Dayanara Gaspar, Ronaldo Brizuela, Dominick Zavala, Anna Zhong, Mikaela Alegre, Madison Sims, Yuying Huang, Moses De La Cruz, Kirsten Medina, Raymond Rodriguez, Michael Twyning, Gonzalez, Brooke, Susana Wu, Patrick Chiu, Derrick Chiu, Isabella Davis