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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District


Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (HLPUSD or District) believes in the educational value of technology and
recognizes its importance for supporting curriculum, instruction and management. The District network and internet
connections have been developed as tools to promote educational excellence, innovation and communication for students and
staff. It must be understood that the District’s business information, telephone, network, computer and software resources,
peripherals and supplies are district property, provided to meet District needs. Due to its open nature, there is information
available on the internet that is inappropriate for District use. The District protects students and staff, to the extent
practicable, from inappropriate information in accordance with the Child and Information Protection Act by:

 meeting or exceeding all state and federal content filtering guidelines, including blocking or filtering material that is
obscene, pornographic, and harmful to minors, or otherwise inappropriate for educational or work-related uses;
 requiring adult supervision and monitoring of student internet use, and educating minors about appropriate use; and,
 directing each user to accept personal responsibility for managing the resources appropriately.
The following provisions specify expectations for all users of HLPUSD network, as established by Board Policy (BP) 3520
& Administrative Regulation (AR) 3520:
 No user is authorized to access the District network until the HLPnet Membership Application and Acceptable Use
Policy (AUP) for subsequent years is signed by all required persons.
 Users may not install, remove or modify software equipment on the network, nor damage, destroy, remove, copy, or
abuse any District hardware equipment.
 Network administrators may review and/or remove files and communications to maintain system integrity and
ensure that users are using the system responsibly.
 Users should not expect that files and data stored on district servers or network attached devices will be private.
 Inappropriate use may result in cancellation of the user’s privileges, disciplinary action and/or legal action.

Personal Responsibility: I accept personal responsibility for my use of the District network. I understand that all school and
District rules of conduct apply when I am on the District network or connected to the internet through the District. I also
accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of the network to an appropriate District staff member. I understand
that no technology is perfect and I will not hold the District or District personnel responsible for the failure of any
technology, service interruption, system protection, or security measure.
Parents and guardians of students are encouraged to convey the standards that their children should follow when using media
and information sources, including but not limited to use of District devices, accessing the District network whether at school
or remotely, and accessing the internet, including social media, as defined in Education Code section 49073.6.

Acceptable Use: I understand my use of the district network is to be limited to educational activities, research, and
communication, and it will support the educational goals and objectives of HLPUSD. In addition, I will follow these
guidelines, established by Board Policy (BP) 3520 & Administrative Regulation (AR) 3520:

a. I will not transmit any material in violation of the law, including copyrighted, threatening or obscene material.
b. I will not use HLPUSD computers and network for personal financial gain, personal shopping or business, personal
leisure, including non-educational online games and non-educational chatting, advertising, illegal, or political
c. I will not use another person’s account or password, nor knowingly or negligently allow another person to use mine.
d. I will not interfere with or bypass the security or filtering systems used to protect the HLPUSD network.
e. I will not send chain letters, annoying or unnecessary messages, or unnecessary mail to any number of people.
f. I will not download programs to the network or any computer from either software or the internet without securing
written approval. I will not download or stream games, music, or video content that is not related to district goals.
g. I will be polite: never send or post or encourage others to send or post abusive messages.
h. I will use appropriate language: never swear, use suggestive, threatening, obscene or other offensive language.

Network Behavior and Privacy: I understand and will follow the generally accepted rules of network behavior:
a. Privacy: never reveal or ask for any person’s home address, phone number or other important personal information.
b. Security: never make unauthorized transfers of District files, images or records to outside locations, services or
c. Disruptions: do not use the district network in any way that would disrupt others, including but not limited to
vandalizing, hacking, cyberbullying.
d. Harassment: never send or post messages, images, or other files or links to harass another person or organization.
Revised February 2015
e. E-mail and District Network Services: all district network systems, files, e-mail and voice mail are District property.
Use of encrypted or encoded messages is forbidden. Teachers may not require, encourage, or allow students to
establish or access individual accounts on third party sites. Use of the District cloud services, such as HLPUSD
Google Apps for Education (GAFE), for student and staff accounts is allowed by District policy.
f. Safety: students shall not meet in person anyone they have met only on the internet.
g. Legal: abusive or threatening e-mail messages may be turned over to law enforcement.

I have read and agree to abide by this Acceptable Use Policy and Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3520. I
understand and agree that:

The District and its representatives will not be held responsible for loss of data from the computer system, breaches of
security, service interruption, nor for the accuracy or inaccuracy of information received or disseminated through its
computer system. The District makes no guarantees about the quality of services to be provided and is not responsible for
any claims, losses, damages, costs, or other obligations arising from the use of the network. Any additional charges a user
accrues due to the use of the District's network are borne by the user. Any statement, accessible on the computer network or
internet, is understood to be the author's individual point of view and not the District's, affiliates or employees.
I hereby release the District and its personnel from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my use of the
district technology system, including, but not limited to, claims that may arise from the unauthorized use of the system.

Student Name (Print):___________________________________ Student Signature: _____________________________
Parent/Guardian Name (Print):____________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________

Please return this form to your school where it will be kept on file. Annual renewal and signature of parent/guardian and
student is required for using the computer, network, online services and/or internet access.
Failure to sign and return this Policy does not absolve any student from any obligation to adhere to District policy and rules
concerning use of technology.